Here at Park Mill Farm we hand-rear our own beautiful rare-breed pigs for the most succulent and mouth-watering pork. Awarded 'Best Small Meat Producer' at the Good Housekeeping Magazine Food awards, we pride ourselves on making sure our pork is of the highest standard and best tasting around.

Our Gloucestershire Old Spot and Large Black pigs are outdoor-reared to the highest welfare standards to create quality pork cuts. Left to graze in our old apple orchards our pigs get to enjoy outdoor life throughout their lives. We chose the breed of Gloucestershire Old Spots as they are native to our area. Legend has it that their markings are due to bruising caused by apples falling from the trees in the orchards where they grazed! We enjoy rearing them the same way today as they did hundreds of years ago.

Free-range, non-intensive pigs grow far slower than commercial pork you may buy in a supermarket, giving the meat a much superior quality and depth of flavour. Today in the UK, less than 3% of the pork reared is free range, yet nearly all the top chefs in the country specify meat from free range, rare breed pigs because it really does taste so much better.

By buying our delicious free-range, rare-breed pork you are assured that the pigs have had a happy, healthy and natural life and that you are getting the highest quality meat available.

We are passionate about the provenance and development of fantastic tasting food and through our commitment - turning 'food miles' into 'farm-yards' - we can offer:

Our chickens, ducks and geese are allowed to roam free range around the farms 20 acres and have access to the beautiful brook that runs through the property. Their eggs have a wonderful golden yolk and taste divine!